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WeChat for PC

"WeChat for PC free, the revolution in instant messaging on your personal computer. Download WeChat for PC free in a few seconds and try WeChat PC"

WeChat for PC is the new app for instant messaging that has revolutionized Asian continent, its developers are from China. WeChat for PC is backed by a giant of the telecommunications in China such as Tencent Holdings, strong commitment to their chat app and promises to revolutionize the world.

Wechat for PC, WeChar fot computer or WeChat for iPhone 6

WeChat for PC was born to reign, but around the world, if much of it. This application offers some features that distinguish the competition to try to mark differences primarily with the application of instant messaging to topple, WhatsApp for PC.

Download WeChat for PC free and instant Messaging apps

WeChat PC competes in a market where other apps like Viber, Tango, Kik for PC and the previously named WhatsApp, among others. Try to download WeChat for PC free to evaluate the quality of the new app created in China. Create new circles of contacts, keep conversations with groups of friends and never contact with distant family members. Now all this from your laptop or personal computer to download WeChat for PC.

For those users who do not have Smartphone or Smartphone with internet access and data rate, you can now enjoy this fantastic application from home with just download WeChat for computer and install with a few simple steps.

Download WeChat for other platforms is very easy, just follow these here.

Download WeChat for PC free 

How to install WeChat for PC on your computer

Download WeChat for PC is possible thanks to the famous emulators for Android. Today we will tell you how to download WeChat for computer with the help of Bluestacks, the best emulator for Android that we have tested.

To download WeChat, it is necessary to install Bluestacks on your PC. Bluestacks we can find on the official website of the emulator www.bluestacks.com, from the main page we have to click with the mouse on the 'download' button for the version of your operating system. The Bluestacks download starts automatically, only have to confirm the installation if Windows ask us for permission. The installation was completed in a few seconds and already Bluestacks will have on our computer.

Search WeChat for computer in Bluestacks

Now it only remains to find chat with the utility app to search for applications that you will find in the main menu through the magnifying glass icon. Place the name of WeChat in the text box and Bluestacks submit us the download options. With a single click and once installed, a couple of minutes already enjoy chat app to record our account.

Many users already have WeChat in the computer free of charge and in a short time all your contacts can enjoy this app in your home, work or place of study, to keep in touch with friends and family.

Wechat PC opens up the possibility to send free text messages from your computer using our internet connection. Don't wait any longer to install one of the best apps for free chat that we can find today. Sends text messages, images, videos, photos and share with your friends small moments of your life.

Features WeChat for PC or Android

Enjoy the features of the application for PC. The functions include, live chat, chat group with QR codes, copies of history, voice chat and many more, now available on our computer. This application also has other fun features if you download it on our Smartphone, features like Shake, Look around or Drift bottle, help us meet other people using the app.

New features WeChat 

These are some of the features of WeChat available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and other operating systems that govern the Smartphone.See the section 'Features' and learn more about this application. Plenty of surprises await us, to share and enjoy with our friends.

WeChat wants popularity of your social network

WeChat for PC presents new features and you want users to use more WeChat as a social network. Convert WeChat in one of the big social networks is not going to be easy to the giant of the Chinese communications. Facebook has millions of users, although recently lost users. Instagram photo social network the world's most popular and with more charisma, also owned by Facebook, is another clear competitor. In addition WeChat will have maximum as rival to Google Plus, every day stronger and more used by their qualities to be linked to web pages and blogs.